We want to build your future!


We provide a full line of equipment & resources, but most important we bring a team of trained & qualified workers that are up to the task of building your project.

We will bring with us not only our hammers & tool pouches, but equipment to do ground prep work, forming & pouring concrete & framing. For winter projects we are equipped for heating & hoarding with our boiler system.

We supply tools sheds that are organized & stocked for your building project. Also a lunch room is supplied for our employees to take their breaks in.

Our equipment is always well maintained & ready to go to work.

DSC Alberta DSC Alberta DSC Alberta DSC Alberta DSC Alberta DSC Alberta
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DSC Alberta
Box 239
New Norway, AB.
T0B 3L0
Garry Kirwer

Curtis Siemens
Phone: 780-679-7040
Email: dscgarry@telus.net
Phone: 780-679-4718
Email: dsccurtis@hotmail.com